Are you aware that… Substance misuse can be confusing and painful when faced alone. We Can Help With:

The Recovery Center’s programs aim to permanently interrupt the vicious cycle of substance abuse. Our clients come from all walks of life. The program combines confidential medical support with continued counseling to help the individual regain his or her dignity and self-respect.

Counseling for substance abuse-related problems is essential to break the cycle. The Recovery Center provides case management services including medical supervision and counseling referrals. All clients participate voluntarily. Referrals to the program come from several sources including employers, doctors, family members, courts, and self-referrals. All participants begin with an orientation and medical evaluation. Participants are assessed through the orientation process for the need for counseling. All program clients are required to follow the recommendations for counseling as determined by the Recovery Center staff.

The Recovery Center offers programs to help you manage workplace drug and alcohol issues. From testing to therapy, we can help you keep good people on the job and offer life-changing assistance to employees who need help. Because the Recovery Center offers its programs on an outpatient basis, clients can continue to work during treatment. This offers numerous benefits to the client and enhances the results of the therapy.