Employers, parents and others can access The Recovery Center’s drug and alcohol testing services to detect the use of drugs or alcohol. Tests can be done for pre-hiring screening, random workplace testing and in other situations where the validation of sobriety and compliance is required. Parents are you concerned that your teen may be using drugs or alcohol? You can be sure of accurate and confidential results at The Recovery Center of AADP.

The Recovery Center’s outpatient program offers private, confidential support using painless methods to free you of your ties to addictive medicines, drugs, alcohol or other substances. You needn’t interrupt your career or your life to shake loose of the dependency that is causing you problems. The Recovery Center’s track record for success is well documented. The Recovery Center’s affordable, confidential program allows you to take charge of you life again. The professional staff of doctors, nurses, and counselors will help pave the way for your success. The Recovery Center of AADP is DMHA certified. Our staff includes Licensed Medical Staff and Licensed Addiction Counselors.

The growing dependency on prescription medications is a medical problem that can happen to anyone. It may be the result of extended use of medicine prescribed for pain, anxiety or other conditions. The good news is that just as dependency can happen to anyone, relief and freedom are available to anyone, through the services of the Recovery Center. The Recovery Center’s detoxification program for opiates, pain medications, methadone and heroin includes medical monitoring using the latest medication management and free initial evaluation. Medications such as Suboxone may be used to block the effects of opioids to help you decrease your dependence on painkillers or other opiate drugs such as heroin. This process can help you overcome your addiction.

Alcohol contributes to many problems in our community, some of which can be fatal. Medications can be used to support abstinence. Based on the medical model, abstinence is essential before underlying dependency problems can be addressed.

The Recovery Center is the gateway to many behavioral health services. The Recovery Center maintains a statewide referral network of allied professionals ready to help clients overcome self-destructive behaviors.